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ADHD Testing

Virtual testing COMING SOON!


If a stimulant is recommended for treatment, you must be willing to have an annual in-person visit, as mandated by federal law.

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Did you know ADHD comes with other symptoms at times?

We help you manage conditions and provide a holistic treatment plan. Here are a few of the most common conditions:


Feeling anxious at times can make ADHD harder. About half of adults with ADHD also have an anxiety disorder.


Almost 10% of Americans suffer from depression. ADHD can lead to depression when people have a hard time with the symptoms.


People with ADHD often have a hard time falling or staying asleep. One in three working adults is affected by insomnia.

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 ADHD Testing 

In addition to an initial evaluation, we offer ADHD testing to our patients who express concern about having ADHD. Our ADHD testing is a computer-based system, which is in-office. Our office is located in Saratoga Spring, NY.  The test itself takes about 15 to 20 minutes. This measures the core ADHD symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. It is FDA cleared and evidence-based as it has aided countless patient-provider teams and their families in finally being able to rule out (or in) ADHD.


The system also measures your response to the recommended treatment plan. Therefore, subsequent testing is essential for evaluation of the recommended treatment plan. The results are instantly generated and presented in a report. Our testing process is thorough and accurate. We take pride in the testimonials and results from our patient's and their families. 

We treat ADHD in adults 18 years and older. We take pride in our expertise, knowledge and skills required when considering other factors like medical conditions, medications, lifestyles and more. 

Initial Evaluation

Cost $300


Cost $150

ADHD Coaching

(Available nationwide)

Using objective and subjective assessments, we'll work on discipline, stress control, self-control and organization. We are here to help YOU make it possible without or without the use of drugs and stimulants. Our coaching consists of six (6)  bi-monthly or twelve (12) weekly coaching sessions that require serious commitment on your part and of those involved in your care.


You may have failed in the past, but we work with you to bring back your focus, maintain consistency and see results!

Step One

We'll assess and explore your challenges, patterns and behaviors. We will help you identify, uncover and UNLEARN habits, REGAIN organization and RECLAIM executive functioning!

Step Two

Start 1:1 coaching sessions every week (or every other week) and commit to using the training app for 10 minutes a day at least 3 times per week. Unlimited access to your Total Brain mobile app is at no extra cost during membership.

Step Three

We'll continue to celebrate your wins!! We'll help you stay on track with continued coaching and accountability, as well as monitor your progress and reassess monthly thereafter. You can continue use of the amazing mobile app with Basic Access.


Bi-Monthly Cost $289/monthly

(3 month minimum for optimal results)

Weekly Plan Cost $449/monthly ($180 savings)

(3 month minimum for optimal results)

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