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About the Practice


L. Sheree Adams, 


You ever felt stressed, overworked, anxious, depressed, burned out and nothing you do seems to help? How many times have you lost your keys this week? Hey, I’ve been there and tried doing it by myself. After tears and frustration, I found it to be exhausting and unsustainable. This is why, not only do I understand the struggles, I can empathize with the exhaustion of battling mood nuances. As a fellow ADD'er, I have developed a strong passion for this area of psychiatry.  My discovery of feeling and doing better has been my catalyst for pivoting my career from a nurse executive to my forever passion as a mental health provider. I'm extremely happy to assist you while you achieve the freedom we all deserve! 

Treatment Options

At eunoia, we are happy to provide options. One option is for traditional psychiatry, and you can use your health insurance benefits. Another option for treatment is nutritional/holistic psychiatry, which is more in-depth, more source-oriented and includes a closer look at the root cause of your issues. This is not covered by insurance plans at this time, but also practical and affordable. The knowledge and insight that you will gain with BOTH approaches will always include education and empowerment. 

Controlled Substances Policy

eunoia Wellness Collective will not prescribe benzodiazepines. If you require other controlled substances as your method of treatment, you must be seen in person annually, as mandated by federal law.

Why eunoia?

We are dedicated to treating adults who find it challenging to attain their own balance in life, whether it is due to mood, personality, sleep, or other nuances. We are passionate about mental wellness. As the name implies, our goal is to achieve 1) eunoia (well mind) 2) wellness (state of good health) as a 3) collective (together) through a holistic approach that encompasses the body as a whole.

What We Value

Our values are the beliefs that guide our actions and behaviors. We ARE our values. They are not just words. We value and practice in a way that makes this practice stand out. They are what means the most as we serve those who need a little help. We all do right?


Regardless of disability, race, ethnicity, gender, age, economic status, sexual orientation or whatever makes you unique, you have the right to your full potential within our society. Mental health is fundamental to a person’s well-being and we believe that it is essential to achieving eunoia - a healthy, well mind. We are dedicated to empowering and educating our patients and others about mental health issues and reducing the stigma. 

High-quality Patient Care
Patient-centered Treatment
Culturally Competent Care
Respectful and Collective Welfare
Compassionate Experiences
Holistic Wellness
Mental/Health Equity
Gender-affirming Care

Diversity and Inclusion
Honest Communication
Our Core Values Include:
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